Instructions for filling out the Online RX Review form:

1. Enter your contact information. Be sure to enter your email correctly as this is how your verification will be delivered.

2. If you know your prescription you may enter it here. If you don’t have a prescription then the most common values are already populating the form.

3. If you don’t know your prescriber’s information, or you do not have a prescriber, then enter one letter and then select from the drop-down list. At this time there are no prescribers under the letters A or X.

4. To send your verification to Disguises directly click SEND A COPY TO?

5. Then enter in Disguises in the first box and

6. Lastly, complete the reCATCHA, Accept the terms and condition, and click REVIEW MY PRESCRIPTION.

You will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your request to review your prescription.  It will take up to 8 business hours for a response.  Once you receive your verification you are able to buy costume contacts at Disguises.  If you requested for a copy to be sent to us, then we should receive it when you do.  It’s still a good idea to bring a copy with you when you come into the store.