Disguises is education-friendly!

Teachers get 10% discount on all retail items and rentals used in the classroom.

civilwar-southern-belle-2749Costumes and accessories can help bring the classroom to life.

Don’t just tell about the pioneer women of the 1800’s – be one.

Don’t just describe the Civil War soldiers – show them.

You can bring history to life for students and your lessons will be long remembered.

We can help you.

Disguises will travel to your classroom and present a lecture on historical clothing, bringing examples for your students to see and try on. And we are always excited to present make-up workshops for school students.

50s-3076Rewards and incentives.

And how about special little prizes for a job well done! Disguises has thousands of choices and, remember, teachers get 10% discount!

Special occasions.

We stock a large quantity of face paints for spirit days. Let us know if you need a bulk amount. We can order.

Dances or Proms?

Let us furnish samples of costumes to wear for themed dances and proms. We will organize a small fashion show for your students and offer them a discount if they rent with us.

And, of course, school theatre is our specialty!

Click below for more information about our vast experience and inventory of theatrical costumes.