Dress-up parties are not only for the kids — they are for adults, too! Even if it’s not Halloween, you can rock costume parties as long as you have the unique ideas for them. Good thing, here at Disguises LLC, we have tons of costumes that might help you think of a creative theme. But to help you even further, here are some of the best dress-up party ideas perfect for adults:

Tim Burton Party

Known for being gothic and quirky, Tim Burton’s films are a perfect source of inspiration for dress-up parties. Just imagine a party full of Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todds, Willy Wonka, and Corpse Brides! Everybody will definitely have a good time taking photos of each other, as well as portraying their characters for the whole night.

Battle of Subcultures

Pit subcultures against each other! Ask your guests to dress up like a hipster, hippie, gangster, Goth, skater, or other popular subcultures. Then, think of fun games where you can create a battle between these subcultures. This dress-up party idea is not only fun, but it’s easy to pull off.

Old People

Have you and your friends ever talked about growing old together? Perhaps, you even picture out what you guys will look like when you get old. So what about dressing up like your future old versions and create a themed-party about them, as well? This is a perfect dress up party idea, especially if someone in your group is turning 30!

These are just three of the amazing dress-up party ideas for adults. But as long as you get creative, you can think of your own idea, too! Just remember, if you need some inspiration, you can always visit our costume store in Denver, Co.

Or, you can start browsing our online gallery today.

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