In a world gone digital, it’s easy to question the relevance of age-old art forms such as theater. As it turns out, however, theater is still just as strong as ever. From revolutionary new plays like Hamilton: An American Musical to the perennial classic performances of Romeo & Juliet and Les Misérables, theater productions indubitably continue to touch its audiences, both old and new.

Explore One’s Humanity

Theater allows people to understand that everyone gets lost, angry, and confused. It can also show the possibility of uplifting one’s humanity. They are part of the human experience and have the potential to transcend time and space. The fact that Shakespeare’s work survives to this day, continuing to thrill the imagination and capture the hearts of audiences moving thousands of people across generations, is proof enough of the way theater resonates with the human condition.

Spur the Imagination, Causing One to Think and Question

Unlike television and film, live shows do not have the benefit of color profiles, camera angles, or a final cut. Theater actors have to create their characters’ emotions in the same show, every time.

Bringing this artificial truth to the surface in a believable, respectable way is no easy task, as it requires incredible mental and emotional stamina. Additionally, live theater demands the creation of a personal intimacy with its audience that other media simply cannot replicate. This unique, real-time connection always aims to stir up the audience’s feelings, causing them to think, to question.

Cultivate Culture and Community

Long before written history, many indigenous peoples from all over the world preserved their histories through storytelling that often involved performances. This practice carries on to this day. Although it has also changed with the times, at its heart, it remains the same. Theater builds community through the shared experience of consuming the same stories together and the stories that bind them all together.

This is why theater remains relevant in the present day and will continue to be, so long as there are still people around who value it.

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